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2 min readOct 12, 2021


Digital music changed the music industry. The ability to download an MP3 through decentralized file sharing made it near impossible for artists and record labels to keep control over their intellectual property. This was devastating at first, but they have regained some ground recently.

NFTs changed our understanding of what it means to own digital property. Ironically, the decentralized and sometimes anarchic world of cryptocurrency has brought forth the best answer to monetization of art and ownership of digital property. It is now commonplace for users to pay hefty prices for ownership of pictures, music, and other media.

Record labels typically own the rights to their artists’ music. In the NFT space, artists don’t need curators or record labels to distribute their work. It is up to the community to decide what they like and are willing to pay for. We saw this trend and asked ourselves, what if we put the “Master Copy” in the community’s hands?

We’ve partnered up with the incredibly talented Mastazugzug and HazHeat, as well as various visual artists, to bring our community the Strange Brew Jukebox Project. We will be producing a limited series of NFTs that bring art and music together while putting power into the hands of the community.

Each 1/1 piece will have music by HazHeat ( set to a piece of visual art, often styled as an album cover, by one of our amazingly talented artists from the NFT community.

There will be a Master Copy, which will be auctioned.

There will be Secondary Copies, for which there will be unlimited mints on a public minting page for a fee.

Ownership of the Master Copy will grant rights to 10% of minting fees and royalties from secondary sales when the collections are registered.

All NFTs will be minted on the Fantom network for ease of use and low gas.

Most auctions will take place at the Tombheads Auctionhouse, the Sotheby’s of the Fantom network.

Let’s change the music industry together.




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