StrangeBrew.Finance Whitepaper

Strange Brew
4 min readMay 14, 2021



Strange Brew is a token deployed on the lightning fast and nearly feeless Fantom Opera network. The intent behind Strange Brew is to celebrate the joy of a good pint with some friends. There is a fixed supply of 14 million tokens. The goal is for 1 SBRW to reach parity with one pint of your favorite ale. Strange Brew is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a celebration of a way of life.

Liquidity will be provided in phased drops of 100,000 tokens at a time in order to avoid any thirsty whales drinking all the beer at the party. The LP tokens will be burned as the phased liquidity drops continue. The token liquidity will be provided at Hyperswap.

Six million tokens will gradually be released in 100,000 batches, burning the LP along the way.

Five million tokens will be airdropped.

Two million tokens will be used by the dev team for marketing purposes and future developments. There may be some other surprises on the way for those of us who like a drink but prefer something a little stronger…

One million tokens will be retained in the dev wallet.


This is the fun part. Our community is all about sharing a brew with a friend. After initial liquidity is provided, airdrops will be sent to those who share their brews with their friends. The mechanics are still being worked out in order to avoid bots and ensure a fair process.

The vision is that this is a drop for the working class beer drinking crypto enthusiast and shouldn’t line the pockets of whales.

We have already begun registration for Phase 1 of the keg drop, which is being done through Twitter to spread awareness to local breweries.

For the next phase, brew holders will need to send brews to a friend and provide a link to the transaction. The sender will need to announce they are sending the brews on social media (likely twitter), and the receiver will need to acknowledge they’ve received them. The sender will then be reimbursed for their kindness with more brews than they sent. The original thought was a 10% bonus, but our vision is now for this to be a larger incentive. We are also working on a better mechanism than social media to verify that the two parties interacting are in fact human beer enthusiasts and not bots. This may involve the use of an oracle solution.

We should take good care of those who are willing to share a brew with a friend in need.


In order for the $SBRW token to be accepted in exchange for a brew, there will need to be enough liquidity for stable coin pairings. Providing a safe crypto to fiat offramp for breweries will be critical for driving adoption. We have considered incentivizing liquidity through airdrops for LP providers and yield farming. However, many other projects have taken this approach only to see airdrops gamed by bots, scammers and whales. This results in airdropped tokens being distributed to a select set of whales, who then provide liquidity for high APY for a brief time, then dump the tokens for the next shiny new project.

Since we are in this for true adoption, we have come up with a novel approach to the liquidity question. What we are proposing is to use airdrops to incentivize the Strange Brew community to provide locked liquidity. We will do this by providing an air drop to liquidity providers who burn their LP tokens.

A liquidity provider who provides liquidity for a $SBRW to Stablecoin (which one is yet to be determined) liquidity pair who burns their LP tokens will be reimbursed with $SBRW tokens in an amount that is double the value of liquidity they provided and locked through burning. The vision is for this to create an ever increasing pool of locked liquidity for $SBRW to Stablecoin pairings, which would provide a safe crypto to fiat offramp for breweries accepting the $SBRW token.

In order to prevent whales from gaming the system, there will be an upper limit to how much burned LP qualifies for the airdrop. There will be some other qualifications to weed out bots, likely tied to spreading awareness through social media. The vision is for regular beer drinking liquidity providers to be incentivized, and for this to benefit real members of the community.

Grab a cold glass, have a seat, and enjoy. More to come.