How to Mint a StrangeBrew logo NFT directly from the contract.

Strange Brew
2 min readJul 31, 2021


This is a test of a fun way for us to handle our logo contest and support the artists who have participated. The contract below will mint up to 1000 NFTs of the original StrangeBrew logo for a price of .08 Fantom each. Up to 20 per transaction. After some testing we plan to roll out a contract for each entry in our contest.

The instructions are below. Interacting directly with an NFT contract could come in handy some day trying to snipe something fun. Enjoy!

How to mint a StrangeBrew NFT directly from the contract:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Contract” Button

3. Click “Write Contract”

4. Click “Connect to Web3” and sign in to Metamask

5. Go to option 4 “MintBrew” and enter .08 in the mintbrew field and 1 in the numberoftokens field.

6. Click “Write”

7. Sign the transaction in Metamask.

8. You have now minted the token. You can add the token to Metamask as you would any other token.




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