How to ape in to Fantom NFTs. A guide for Ethereum NFT collectors.

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3 min readAug 25, 2021


What’s an NFT? Just kidding, you already know that, maybe you’ve paid six figures in gas fees for ArtBlocks, but who’s counting. Ethereum has been the chain of choice for most minters and collectors, but there is a growing movement brewing on the Fantom Blockchain. FantomRocks just sold out in 7 seconds, and the Fantom Foundation NFT marketplace isn’t even live yet. Most secondary sales are going on in smoky discord back alleys, but FantomRocks have gone for as much as $10,000. Bit Umans from World of Umans have gone for even more.

This guide will help you learn how to take some of your precious ETH and move it to mainnet Fantom so you can jump in on the action before the crowd.

First, you’ll want to add the Fantom mainnet to your Metamask. Here’s an article explaining how:

Next, you’ll want to move some of your ETH to wETH. If you’ve used OpenSea before you should be familiar with this process. You can do it in the OpenSea platform. Here is an article explaining how:

Once you’ve got some wETH (you’ll need at least .01 to bridge but we recommend .02 or more to have extra for gas) you can navigate to the SpookySwap Bridge here:

Select wETH as the token to bridge from ETH to FTM. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have Fantom mainnet wETH. Now you’ll need to swap it for Fantom. If you’ve used Uniswap on ETH before, the process is similar, but the fees are negligible and the transactions are fast. Also, there’s a faucet you can get free Fantom for gas from here:

Navigate to:

Swap your wETH for FTM as follows:

Now you’re ready to mint NFTs on Fantom, or make some back alley trades on Discord. FTMAlerts is a great place to start doing some research. Here’s a link to their discord:

Be sure to come by and check out the BrewMaster Collection of NFTs launching in early September over at:

Cheers! More to come…



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